Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Longest Day of the Year

Look at me! Another baby quilt finished! This one is so old I can't remember if I made the top or just added borders. The pieced backing is somewhat familiar and I had pre-cut strips leftover for binding, so I'm not entirely crazy. My bag o' bindings is almost empty! Two more to bind, and then maybe I'll get brave and count up the quilt tops that need to be quilted. I don't think I'm that brave.

Insalata caprese bruschetta. Instead of the big slabs of mozzarella I usually use for insalata caprese, I grated a much smaller amount of the cheese and toasted it on the bread. Add fresh tomatoes, capers, parsley, sea salt, pepper and drizzle the entire mess with good olive oil. Dinner is served! As much as I love cheese, I didn't miss the calories. It's bikini weather you know. Ha!

Blue suede Elvis selvage. Hope gave me this awesome selvage. It came from Graceland. I love how selvages tell a story.

I used this retro gingham and daisy cotton canvas to make a a small shoulder bag. The wonderful tutorial from Lime Gardenias is really adorable and includes an apple applique and a clever pocket for a library card on the strap. I just wanted to try the pocket and French seams! ;)

I helped college boy assemble his new fixed gear bike. I loved the typo on the shipping box. I'm afraid to ride the thing. No brakes, no coasting, teeny tiny seat, and you can ride in reverse. I'll stick to my regular bike until they get me a three wheeler with a basket.

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  1. You are beginning to sound like me and not just look like my name! I had a couple of quilt tops I pulled out to finish and thought the same exact thing. I like yours so much better..very, very cheery! Love your borders!


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