Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lucky, Lucky Girl

I am so very lucky in so many ways. I'm not just talking about a good life, which I am always very thankful for. But I absolutely love the quilt I received for Doll Quilt Swap 9. Oh my goodness, the colors are so neato. And I finally get to see what shot cottons are. They are cool is what they are! I'm in big trouble. Who sells them at the best price?!

My partner Krista combined natural linen and rich shot cottons to make me a modern quilt that is really a piece of art. She added some slow stitch quilting, which I adore. It's going to look so cool in my studio. I may have to redecorate to match the color palette. And quit laughing anyone who has been in my wild studio. One day I'll have a sleek, modern studio and this quilt will be center stage! And as if the quilt wasn't enough, Krista sent all kinds of goodies from Alaska. There's a sourdough starter I'm tempted to use for perfume! It smells wonderful.

Not much sewing going down Monday since I had to work, but I did rearrange my selvage blocks into the spider web pattern to take a picture before I moved it off my design wall cutting mat. And then I added some log cabin strips to my Grandmother's Flower Garden mini.

Number One child started college yesterday. And no, he wouldn't let me take a picture. Hmmph! He seemed excited both before and after. Yay! I think that minimum wage job at the theme park may have helped. Lots of hot, long days, being nice to rude tourists (he better be nice), lunch costing as much as you make an hour, etc. Thank you Universal Studios for collaborating with me that this kid should use his smarts and get a good college education! High five!


  1. Michelle don't the clear colours on that dolls quilt just sing. And I love the wee wonkiness of the blocks. Isn't it special to get wee gifts from new quilt buddies. Lucky you. Ciao

  2. love it all!!! and the rest of your blog too!!


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