Monday, August 2, 2010

A Colorful Weekend

It was a colorful weekend here! An inspired color palette and scrappy quilt. I think this will be a mini for someone.

Playing with houses again. Another mini for someone. My scrap basket never seems to go down. I'm going to play in it again today. I have the best fun playing in that basket!

I've always wanted to make this block after seeing Loft Creation's fun neighborhood of garden girls. It's not a tough block, but do remember to add your quarter-inch seam allowances to the templates. Ask me how I know. I don't know if I'd be as brave as Stephanie and make 12 of these gals, but I may try another now that I know to add the seam allowance. My girl has short little arms. I was just proud of myself that I could figure out how to fix it!

Uh oh, these pretties somehow landed in my mailbox. I'm done fabric shopping for a while. I promise. No more fabric until I put a dent in what I have. Or until sends me a coupon. Or someone has a big sale. I'm kidding. No more!

Besides, it was my 21st wedding anniversary Sunday. I think the hubby got off easy gift-wise! We were married on the way to work 21 years ago yesterday. This was our official wedding portrait. Dang we were skinny. We had planned a vacation to Jamaica and decided to get married the day before we left. Oh, why not? Instant honeymoon! We told only our parents the eve before we flew out. It's been an interesting 21 years with Inspector Gadget. He continues to amuse and entertain me and I couldn't have hand-picked a better father for our kids. He's all that and a bag of chips!


  1. Happy belated Anniversary Michele!!! Love your story! You've whipped up some more great blocks over the weekend. Awesome! It was great seeing you today at the meeting.

  2. Happy Belated anniversary to you and the inspector, Michele!
    Love your little houses, so cute!

  3. Happy anniversary!!! I love the wedding pic!! :)


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