Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Selvage Love!

 1. Selvage Wallet, 2. Selvage Wallet, 3. Salvaging Selvages, 4. Selvage Spider Web, 5. Selvages, 6. Selvage Bag, 7. Selvage Bookmark, 8. House of Selvages, 9. Selvage Asterisk Block

Playing around with the Mosaic Maker when I should be catching up. Or sewing with my selvages! ; )


  1. Wowzers!! I love all your selvage projects. May I feature them on the Selvage Blog?

  2. Michele, I like seeing all your selvage projects together!!! See you tomorrow for our road trip!

  3. Gorgeous! I've got to start saving those things!

  4. Selvages make interesting and fun quilts and other projects! Yours are so colourful! I understand the "can't stop playing with my selvages thing"--I have been playing with my selvages lately too. You can see my latest project on my blog. I love your little house blocks!

  5. Found you through Selvage Quilter. What a fun group of projects. Makes me want to run into my sewing room and start playing!

  6. Oh I love selvages... I just need to get around to doing something with them! :) Congrats to you for being featured on the selvage blog :)


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