Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hexie Love

There's no shortage of adorable hexagon quilt projects going on in blogland. English paper piecing is the perfect on-the-go project if you're waiting for kids, watching the tube, or need to keep your hands busy. I love how many of the quilters give this traditional technique a modern spin, but I had to try a Grandmother's Flower Garden too. Hexies are super easy even for a novice hand sewer like me.

Some links if you're interested.

Die cut paper pieces in all shapes and sizes
Great video tutorial using squares and piercing the paper piece
Love this tutorial because the basting stitches are on the back side and don't need to be removed. I used a square piece of fabric scrap since I don't have one of those fancy die cut machines.


  1. ok - I am starting to feel "hexie" peer pressure - maybe I'll check into one of these links - cute projects, thanks for the posting info!

  2. I need to keep some of these with me. I'm always "just sitting" at gymnastics or guitar lessons. I could have a bunch in no time! Thanks.

  3. I love your work, especially the wonky houses! Just found you from the Selvage blog.


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