Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I May Be Gnomed Out

Just another gnome. With a mushroom this time. I think I'm done with paper piecing for a while. I always find it challenging. It still makes my brain hurt. I always need some mindless piecing (and a new seam ripper) after a round of paper piecing.

I was going to make potholders out of these string blocks, but I sewed them all together instead. Not sure where I'm going with this. Maybe a table topper?

I bound the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle mini I sewed at Sew Day. Our Orlando Modern Quilt Guild has some really fun things planned for summer and fall. After hearing so many horror stories about guilds, I thought I'd never join one. I'm so glad I did. We have a fun and talented group.

Never been a fan of chocolate. I know, weird, right? Just the tip of the iceberg actually! I'm more of a salty food lover. Give me olives, capers, Triscuits, cheese, nuts, pickles, real butter, etc. and I'm a happy camper. I saw this dark chocolate with French sea salt at the store and it intrigued me. Oh my, it's really good! Rich and not very sweet dark chocolate that melts in your mouth. As you chew, you crush small pieces of fluffy fleur del sel. It intensifies the taste of the chocolate like good food does with wine. I still can't eat but one square, but I think I may have figured out a way to consume chocolate. It's good for you, you know. Unfortunately, everyone in the family likes it too. I may have to start hiding chocolate like normal people do. ;)

And if you want to kick it up a notch, how about these salted caramel brownies? Okay, I've done enough damage. My work here is done. I need pickled okra.


  1. The gnome quilt is great. I am glad you found a good guild to join. I have been hesitant about going to the one I was invited to.

  2. love the gnomes and also a big dark chocolate fan - will have to try the fleur de sel out!

    cute string squares - have started saving my scraps for just such a project!


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