Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Terrific Tuesday

Me and irons. Boy, do I have stories. My latest iron turned two years old in January and started boiling and sputtering water yesterday. I think it was an April Fool's Day joke because today it's working just fine. Last week we had to replace the ground fault breaker I plug my iron into...again. I can abuse some electricity. On to better things...but keep my iron in your thoughts.

Easter lunch was a delicious crab boil. My cousin's family hosted and along with all this crab, shrimp, sausage, corn, and potatoes we had a ham, macaroni and cheese, green salad, potato salad, ambrosia salad, deviled eggs, sandwiches, loaded potato skins, roasted red pepper garlic bread, and loads of desserts. As I've said before, I love potlucks.

They had a huge turnout and everyone participated in a messy egg toss and competitive whiffle ball games. The outfield chatter had me cracking up. My cousin Meka was throwing it down with style. She's a trip and always makes me laugh. Funny, funny girl.

These Buffalo cauliflower fritters were really good. I nuked some fresh cauliflower until it was somewhat tender and mashed it slightly. Added in some bread crumbs, Buffalo wing sauce (Frank's), parsley and a bit of shredded cheese to bind everything together. Then I formed them into patties and sauteed them in a bit of oil until both sides were brown. This picture is a cold one I had for breakfast. They were even good cold.

The extent of my Easter basket prep. My kids love Reese's. I buy them some for every holiday. They each got a bunny this year and I bought bags of Reese's eggs and Cadbury dark chocolate candy eggs for Inspector Gadget.

The beauty shot of the homemade Peeps I had to pry off the parchment paper. Marshmallow is so sticky. I added eyeballs with melted chocolate. College Boy worked Sunday, so he took them to his peeps at work. He said they liked them.

The other day I busted out my solids and started a log cabin quilt.

It's getting bigger. What color next? Does it even matter? What won't I have to piece together to get the length. I'm going for a baby quilt size. And I want it to work for a baby girl or boy.

Keep going. I think one more round should do it.

All done. Approximately 40" square. Fun and easy. I got the idea here, by one of my favorite quilter gals, Malka Dubrawsky. I think this super size Shoo Fly quilt might be next. I've been in a Shoo Fly and Log Cabin mood lately. Now to clear off the dining room table so I can sandwich this baby. I'm going to attempt to quilt it myself. Deep breath.

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