Monday, April 8, 2013

Mondo Mushroom Pincushion Giveaway

I had the awesome opportunity to test drive one of La Todera's new patterns. Julie creates the cutest patterns. They're all very unique and always colorful. Julie and I both have a thing for toadstools, so I was thrilled when she asked if I would like to test the Mondo Mushroom Pincushion. Mondo, indeed!

I took the pincushion outside to try for some beauty shots. Here it is on the rocks. This baby will hold lots and lots of pins. It measures approximately 7" across. Or how about using it for threaded embroidery needles? I'd like to practice my hand embroidery skills and having the needles pre-loaded with different colored threads would be convenient. 

I used some eyelet lace I had, but the pattern shows you how to make your own sassy ruffle. La Todera patterns include lots of photographs and step-by-step instruction. Even I can't mess them up. I got to fire up the glue gun for this one. Fun!

Julie has given me a Mondo Mushroom Pincushion pattern to give away. Just leave a comment below and I'll put you in the running. It's a fun pattern, I know you'll love it.

Cruising Pinterest again. Too bad it doesn't pay. These blackberry pie bars were really good. I used frozen blackberries, but fresh would be even better. Most of the fresh berries are still pricey around these parts, but you can always find them frozen.

I tried Hollandaise sauce for the first time last week. Sheltered life, right? How did I miss out? We were eating breakfast out and they served the English muffins and poached eggs on top of fresh spinach and avocado. Then they drizzled hollandaise sauce all over the dish. Oh my. After that delicious breakfast, I came home and obsessed thought about hollandaise all week. So yesterday's brunch I whipped up a batch. Uh oh, that stuff is really good. Now I want it on asparagus and artichokes. 

Log Cabin Baby is quilted, bound, washed and then tossed in the grass for a picture. I used a hunk of starry, starry night batik to back it. I think it will make a fun outdoor baby quilt and not show dirt. I've been doing machine binding on these baby quilts so they're more durable and can be washed a couple times a week.


  1. That pincushion is so cute! Though maybe it is too big to be "cute"--but big is easier to hit when I'm sewing and pulling pins out of a seam and putting them into the pincushion without looking...sometimes I miss. Clearly I need a larger one.

  2. I would love the pincushion pattern! Would love the pincushion even more LOL !!

  3. That mondo mushroom just needs a gnome to go with it! :)

  4. My most used pincushion is an 8 inch round hand made at school when I was 9, as I am now 62 it is quite shabby. I could certainly use the pattern.

  5. I love the mondo mushroom and would love to get hold of a pettern of it? I live in the UK. Is it possible to purchase it please?

    1. Can you contact me Pam? I can't find an e-mail for you.


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