Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Stash #69

I may have shown this fabric before. Big, bold flowers. I unearthed it this week. Maybe I pulled it out for a special project? It's always fun to see what's under some of my piles.

Pretty batik fat quarters I found on sale. Love the aquas with the black. I'm starting to like batiks again.  Good thing, I have a slew of them.

Orange floral and pirates. Not on sale. Couldn't resist. Inspector Gadget is a pirate. Did you know that? We fly the jolly roger on our boat. And swig rum if we're not towing kids behind the boat.

Polka dots. I may collect spotted fabric. I really like it.

My pal Yumi from Japan sent me this one. Pretty interesting. Want to see what else she sent? I love her care packages!

My favorite Japan snack cracker -- Cheeza! Looks like the orange bag is a new flavor. Cheddar and red wine? Oh, yum. One of the bags has already disappeared.

Candies for the "kids." Some of these are kits where you grow your own candies. College Boy and his girlfriend had a blast making them last time.

Smart rice and the funny face fabric again. This is Yumi's favorite rice. We both love to cook. She likes to cook American food and I like to cook Asian food. Go figure. We tried the rice last night with banh mi bowls. Delicious.

The little man charm is so funny. I have no idea what he's doing with his hand in the waistband of his pants, but just look at his face. Translate, Yumi? But I do love that she translated the item on the right. With drawn pictures and everything! It's a brooch vase you can fill with water and keep small flowers fresh. I'll have to go steal some flowers from one of my neighbors. All I can grow is celery.


  1. love that orange floral with the pirates - use them together! I'm still over batiks and I still have a lot of them too...

  2. How incredibly fun to get a package from your friend with so many wonderful things! I adore that brooch vase, how unique!!


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