Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Stash #70

Uh oh. Someone got caught up in some Internet shopping. This is what I get working in front of a computer all day long. During my work breaks, I can only goof off on Faceplace or blogs so long. Then the online fabric shops start calling my name. Check out the fancy packaging from Form and Fabric. And always $2.99 flat shipping. You can't beat it!

It was these Kaffe Fassett shot cottons I really wanted. They're so pretty. I love how the color changes subtly throughout the woven fabrics. Shot cottons are made by using two different dyed colors of warp and weft yarns woven together to create a special depth, a “shot” of color.

And I just love these Japanese novelty prints. They get me every time, especially when they're on sale.

More adorable novelty prints. Those animal heads on the orange background are really cute.

Random fabrics that caught my eye.

Black and white prints are always fun. Especially if they have numbers or words on them.

It's a small stack, but I'm thrilled with it. What shall I make?

My guild buddy, Judy made me this adorable felt house pincushion. I put it near my Fisher Price girl with her sewing machine.


  1. Love your new fabrics. (I'm sure glad I don't work at a computer). I have enough trouble getting off it in the mornings.
    The Fisher Price girl and sewing machine are sew cute and that pin cushion is perfect next to them!

  2. Cute fabrics. How cute? I had to click right over to Form and Fabric and ended up placing an order of my own. Oops, and I was doing so well on my fabric diet. Those shot cottons are lovely!


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