Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tackling Tuesday

Lucky Stars of the Month for April. I decided to go with scraps and make the 6" version. Challenging to say the least. I think I'll go back to the 12" size. And maybe use some coordinated prints.

Scrappy Trip Along made with 2" strips. I got bored with these blocks really quickly, but I think this pattern is something I'll tackle again someday. With 2.5" strips! I love how everyone's quilts have turned out. I did a self binding with the backing fabric.

I made a 20 lb. spinach lasagna yesterday. My kids hate lasagna, so I never make it. Something about the ricotta cheese (best part in my opinion). They were both out, and I was craving lasagna. Plus, I had leftover bolognese sauce I needed to use up. It will be up to Inspector Gadget and I to consume this monster. I froze half of it, but there's still plenty. It made a good breakfast this morning.

Don't forget about the Mondo Mushroom Pincushion pattern giveway.


  1. Love Love Lasagna, any version, as long as it is home made. Yours looks very good, last time I made it I filled the oven and froze loads.

  2. I like the mini scrappy version of the stars block. Yay for you for finishing your scrappy trip along quilt!

  3. Gracious! I never make lasagna because it just never seems to end and I always throw some away. If I lived closer I'd come take some of that off your hands for you. :)
    p.s. Your little 6-inch is so cute!


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