Saturday, February 2, 2013

QuiltCon Here I Come

It's hard to believe QuiltCon is in less than three weeks. Squeee! I've been quilting around six years, and I caught the fever bad. My fabric stash would choke an elephant. Modern quilting lets my quirky artistic side play freely. I've only had the opportunity to attend two quilt shows in Orlando, so I'm a total newbie to the quilt show and conference scene. I can hardly wait.

There's a linking party to meet some of the conference attendees. I'm lucky to have four members from the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild attending with me, and I'm excited to meet new quilters too. It will be fun to put a face with a blog and interact with others who share this quilting obsession of mine. Plus, I won't have to walk the dog for six days.

So, okay, five things you might not know about me. And I just had to use my Glamour Shot from the 80s. Swanky, huh? Friday night's QuiltCon party is an 80s-themed Dance Party, so I thought it was appropriate. I look exactly the same thirty years later. *cough*

1. I am a snake magnet. If there's a snake around, it will find me. More specifically, it will find my feet and I will step on or startle it. I've had snakes on my screened pool deck, in my house, and generally way too close for comfort. I've been a snake magnet all my life.

2. I love to cook, bake, and especially grill. I rarely make the same thing twice. There's just too much to try. My husband thinks this is the neatest thing ever. Even when the dishes include foods he thinks he doesn't like. I adore all foods. The only thing I'm not fond of is frozen green lima beans.

3. I was a band geek. I played the glockenspiel (loudly) in marching band and the bass guitar (quietly) in stage band. My band mates called me "Peterless" Frampton. Took me years to get it.

4. I've had my own graphic design firm for 20 years after working 12 years in the marketing department of our local newspaper. My company is very small, but I manage to find design projects that interest me and pay a few bills. I'd much rather be quilting.

5. Now that my kids are in college, and homeschooling is not an option, I'd love to be a stay-at-home mom. My husband is not on board, so I make him eat spinach whenever I can. He hates spinach.

I hope to meet you at QuiltCon. I'll be the one with the messy hair and red gloves. See you there!



  1. Great blog Michele. Love the Glamour shot too.
    Your creative side rings out loud and clear in your blog.

  2. you like to cook??? woohoo for going to the Con. that should be a blast.

  3. Michele, love reading your blog and follow it regularly all the way from Australia. I'm not into cooking at all but love seeing the delicious recipes you whip up. Summer time here so would gladly love to send you a snake or two !!

  4. Love the pictures!! Especially the Glamour Shot. Have fun at QuiltCon!

  5. Hi Michele! Can't wait to meet you at QuiltCon! That is - unless there are any snakes around - in which case I'll probably stand over there... :-)

  6. Looking good, before & after! See you at QuiltCon!

  7. You're so funny. I am an accidental reader as I found your site by accident. Joyce


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