Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Specs

Finally broke into my Oz charm pack and made a little coffee cozy. In Color Order has a great little tutorial. I don't generally buy my coffee out, but I have a friend who may or may not be addicted to Starbucks. Now her coffee will be swanky and her hands won't burn.

Month two of the Lucky Stars BOM. I am pleased to report that I printed the patterns the right size. I can't wait for March. I'm still not sold on my solids choices. The Flickr group has so many cool blocks made with fun prints.

The folks at Firmoo offered me a free pair of glasses to try out their service. The glasses are really nice and come with a hard case, cleaning cloth, repair tool, and drawstring bag. They have many different styles from trendy to traditional. You can get a free pair too by taking advantage of their special offer. All you have to pay is shipping. It's nice to have a spare pair of glasses or three. One thing I highly recommend if you wear bifocals, is bifocal sunglasses. They come in so handy while you're driving. Or reading in the sun.

Here they are on my mug. Perhaps a hair stylist or brush manufacturer will offer their services next. One can only hope. Firmoo offered excellent customer service and I had this pair of glasses in about a week. Their site is easy to navigate and they offer tips on choosing the perfect pair of specs. I was trying to go funky, but I wasn't brave enough that day. You be brave and funky if you order a pair.


  1. you look cute. fun specs, even if they aren't crazy.

  2. Cute glasses! Why did I not know about this 2 weeks ago, before I put 2 pairs on my charge card? Oh well. Passing the info on.
    I am a total failure with the star blocks. Just when I think I am getting it, one piece has zero seam allowance. How did I do that? Twice?
    Keep up the good work. I like the solids.


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