Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pincushion City

I was pleasantly distracted by making another pincushion after seeing Rene's cute pincushion she made for QuiltCon. A group of us are swapping pincushions at the conference. I hopped straight over to the tutorial by Bari J. I already have a pincushion ready for QuiltCon, but I'm sure this one will find a good home. It's huge and would hold tons of pins.

I have a big collection of pincushions. Most were gifts from fellow quilters, but I made a few of them. The red magnetic version is my favorite, but I like to keep a pincushion on my cutting table and the ironing board. I also use them to store threaded needles. Plus, they're fun to make. If you're hankering to make a pincushion or seven, I just found this Pinterest board for free pincushion patterns. I'm toast.

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