Monday, February 11, 2013


Part of my Valentine's Day crafting involved this heart pot holder. I fell in love with the old time-y Valentine fabric. I made this for my great aunt who I visited with over the weekend. I was able to show her a crazy quilt her mother made. And it turns out she has quilted too. I had no idea.

Inspector Gadget surprised me with new herbs and pretty pink impatiens(?). I'm the queen of killing plants, so I'll try my best to keep these going for a while.

Bones and a lizard are enjoying sunning themselves poolside. The weather was glorious here this weekend. I'm surprised everyone up north didn't move down after all that snow.

This Sweetheart quilt block required curved piecing, but it is my current obsession. I may have to bust out my Drunkard's Path templates.

A little monster making with Crayola air-dry clay. Hollywood and her charge come for family dinner every Sunday. We're teaching him about gravy.

And when you get done with monsters and gravy, you can always build with wine corks. We host a lot of wine parties. *cough* It was the little's idea to play with my corks, I don't have too many toys around here. At least he didn't ask to play in the knife drawer.


  1. The pretty pink flowers aren't impatiens--they're a Dianthus relative--Sweet William or Pinks, I'd guess. Love the heart potholder--such a good idea. And those corks seem like an ideal "toy" to me.

  2. That playing with the wine corks is just too funny! Love the valentine projects.


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