Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

This paper pieced heart block turned into a coaster for Inspector Gadget. He asked me a while ago to make him a fabric coaster for his desk and I made him a pirate one which he uses daily. Now he can switch out with this polka dot heart. Or maybe he'll get brave and take it to work.

Hollywood mentioned needing a sewing kit, so I made her one. It's more of a needle book, but I put some pockets in it too. I had to add a strip of red elastic to hold the tiny scissors. I need to find a way to include thread. I guess an almost-gone spool of my Connecting Threads thread might work.

It's so fun to buy baby toys again. I bought this little boat for my cousin's new baby. She'll turn one this month. That was a quick year. My cousin and his wife live on a nearby lake and they love to boat. Like my kids, baby Mia was out boating before she was a month old. We're raising (or have raised, in my case) Lake Rats as I like to call them.

This pencil/pen case almost got the best of me. I've wanted the book Zakka Style for a while because I've seen so many cute projects made from it. I finally needed a little something to get free shipping on the boat above and treated myself to it. Please tell me I'm not the only one who buys extra stuff to get free shipping. Anyway, I had so much trouble figuring out how this baby went together. It was real fun un-sewing red linen four, count them, four times. I finally got it though! Whew! My studio looks like a red thread crime scene.

My quilts came back from Eagle Mountain Quilting. I let Wendy pick out some of the quilting designs. She had some new ones that I hadn't seen before. They all sure turned out cute. Now I need to hang these in my laundry room for two years. That's how I season my quilts before I bind them. What, you don't dust your quilts before you bind them?

Hope your Valentine's Day is dreamy. 


  1. Cute projects :) I always buy more so I can get free shipping!

  2. You reminded me of my unquilted tops that are hung in somewhere for two years .
    Oh well. Thanks.


  3. Hope you had a great Valentine's Day. I also had trouble with that Zakka pencil case project, and no you aren't the only one to add items to your shopping cart to avoid shipping fees.


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