Thursday, March 29, 2012

We're All Adults Here

I'm not going to talk about anything racy...well, not today. My littlest turned 18 over the weekend. We're all adults now. The poor dog will be 84 next month.

I showered my baby in pale pink grocery store roses and a store bought Oreo pie. The pie was her choice. I offered to make her anything her little heart desired. She wanted a frozen pie. From the grocery store. I love that kid.

I made the guys a blackberry pie so they wouldn't feel left out. Hollywood is the only Oreo pie fan here. Now if I can continue to talk her out of getting a tattoo. I was so hoping that tattoo fad went out of fashion before my kids could get any. So far, I'm doing so good. Of course I told her the story of the woman needing a liver transplant after innocently having her husband's initials tattooed as a wedding gift to him. Yeah, it was a Fairly Legal television episode, but still.

Biscuits, baby! Every Southern girl knows a biscuit recipe. And it's fun to see variations on the theme. My grandma taught me to make biscuits, but never gave me a recipe. I don't think she had one. She just added stuff and handled the dough gently. Gentle dough handling is the key. You can use whatever ingredients you want. I loved this easy three-ingredient recipe from Rachel.


  1. Happy Birthday to Miss Hollywood! I've got 10 years (and a couple months) till my little girl is 18 and I know they're gonna fly, but I like to pretend that's a lifetime from now. Wish I was eating a biscuit right now...yours look good!

  2. Hi! I'm visiting from Indigo Threads. Just had to try to help with the anti-tattoo thing. I understand that it's much more painful to have the tatto removed if she should ever want/need to have that done. Maybe that will keep her from committing. I'm totally fascinated by tattoo art but can't condone the practice in good conscience. Meanwhile, congratulations to all who love her!

  3. Re the tattoo, just ask her how she thinks one would look on her grandmother, because that is how hers would look one day.

  4. Wow - 18!! I can't imagine.

    Also can't imagine having the tattoo conversation. I personally hate them - here's to hoping they'll be out of style by the time ALI gets there!!


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