Friday, March 23, 2012

It's the Weekend!

Oh my, try this Cheese Bread real soon. It tastes just like the Red Lobster's Cheddar Bay biscuits. You know the ones. I tried to give half of the loaf to our neighbor, but Inspector Gadget wouldn't let me. He wants the entire loaf. Wonder what the bread would be like toasted with a poached egg on top?

I made this pillowcase at our February Sew Day and promptly forgot about it. I used Heather Ross' adorable doggie print. I found the pillowcase kit on sale and planned on using the doggie print for something else, but I decided to try the tube pillowcase pattern and practice my French seams. It's all washed, pressed and ready to donate.

My favorite little dogs.

I found a great deal on some Pyrex containers with lids. Goodbye sour cream containers and butter bowls. My Tupperware cabinet is a hot mess. I call it the Tupperware avalanche area.

I started streaming Gossip Girl as my background entertainment while I mess around in my studio. What a bunch of mean girls and boys. Ha! I never knew what the show was about, but I am clued in now. Aren't there a bunch of seasons? This stuff is worse than Melrose Place.

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  1. You are always making me hungry, at least you included the link to the recipe!


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