Thursday, March 8, 2012

Let's Make Some Blocks!

Have you seen this library of modern quilt blocks compiled by Gen X Quilters?

Love this Lone Starburst quilt block from Six White Horses.

This Ringo Pie group showcases all kinds of funky and fun paper pieced quilt blocks. And just look at the paper pieced Matroyshka Doll that Heather from House of Alamode whipped up. Her first time paper piecing. Some people just get that technique right away. I've hummed (to toss violently) my share of paper piecing attempts in the trash can, so clearly, I'm not one of those people. But I do love paper piecing. It's challenging for me.

If you've never tried paper piecing, but would like to, Heather recommended this video from Connecting Threads. It's pretty comprehensive. There are also tons of paper piecing how-to's on the internet.

This morning, I'm making Chevron quilt blocks for our guild's charity. These were fun and easy. I think I need to make some blue ones too.

My friend Dotty made this adorable "Monkey in the Middle" mini quilt.

I used a coupon for these adorable embroidery transfers. Love the retro look. I've always wanted one of those cat clocks on the middle left. Maybe I'll just embroider one.

My guild buddies gifted me all of these gorgeous fat quarters and a gift card for being treasurer. Aren't they sweet? We started our third year of the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild and everyone is excited and filled with enthusiasm. What a fun group.

I can totally relate to this "For Better or For Worse" comic in today's paper. I love reading comics. Always have. Besides Dr. Seuss, comics were one of the first things I remember learning to read. It was fun to read Lynn's notes on creating this comic strip. Maybe there's hope for my own children.
"I like to think that I make good soup and, when I do make it, I tend to make a lot! I like to have enough to freeze and to share and some to eat right away. It was a blow to the ego when they preferred the canned or packaged stuff. Mine was chock full of "goodns" - a meal in itself. Somehow, with the passage of time, they have learned to appreciate home made soups and often make it themselves. Katie makes enough to freeze, enough to eat and enough to give to me!"  --Lynn Johnson

The queen of odd breakfasts strikes again. Toasted whole wheat English muffin with Rosenborg Danish blue cheese. The cheese got all melty. I want another one.


  1. Great information. Thanks for sharing the link to the Quilt Block Library. I need to go see what that's all about. Love all your new fabrics and seeing the chevron blocks you've made already. Our guild's third year is off to a great start, right?!!!

  2. Oh, that stitchery pattern pack looks like big fun! And i want to gobble down that breakfast now. nom nom nom.


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