Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break!

It was such a beautiful spring weekend. We received much needed rain early Sunday morning, but it was gone by the time everyone was up and ready to roll. I'm hoping that heavy rainstorm washed a bit of the pollen away.

I tried this crock pot macaroni and cheese recipe. It's nothing like my traditional baked macaroni and cheese, but more like the blue box stuff my kids adore. The only thing I changed from the recipe was only using two eggs and replacing the whole milk with skim milk. I rarely buy whole milk, so I didn't have it on hand. The reviews complained about the eggs, but I wanted to include them. The end product was creamy and rich, but I prefer the traditional stuff.

Also served these mustard maple chicken thighs. They smelled amazing cooking and the sauce was nice and tangy. It gave the boneless, skinless thighs nice color.

I'm sporting a new messenger bag too. I used Diary of a Quilter's 32-minute Messenger Bag tutorial. It was nice and easy sewing. My baby turned 18 yesterday and we've been doing a little retail therapy. I've been looking for messenger bags, but haven't found one I liked (or could afford). The bag took me a little more than 32 minutes as I couldn't get my head around how to place the inner pocket. There was unsewing involved. The sideways flowers weren't planned either. ;) Now that I've made one, I'm all clear on the process.

Happy Monday! I'm off to get a coffee maker. Mine sprung a small leak last night. My track record with coffee makers is awful. I've bought expensive ones, mid-range models, cheapies and different brands. I once called a repairman to fix our new, under warranty refrigerator because I smelled plastic burning. Turns out the coffee maker had shorted out and burnt a hole into my counter top. It's kind of sad these appliances are so disposable. I imagine a land fill chock full of broken appliances.

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