Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Musings

Happy Monday! I hope everyone who celebrates Easter had a fun one. There were no baskets for my "little ones," but the Easter Bunny did put a package of these in the fridge for each of the teens. I kind of missed coloring eggs and baskets. The littles don't stay little for long. At least there's leftover potato salad for breakfast. And ham. That's practically like ham, eggs and home fries, right? One of my more normal breakfasts. I had sardines one day last week.

I saw this in the coupon section. It's the Hamilton Collection's best guess on Kate Middleton's wedding gown. I hope not. She looks 10 months pregnant in this dress. I am very excited for the Royal Wedding. Having seen Princess Diana's wedding and Prince William growing up, it's like seeing a dear family friend being wed. And I don't even have to send a gift. Plus, I can "attend" the nuptials in my PJs! Has everyone seen this hilarious T-Mobile video of the royal wedding?

I did squeeze in a little sewing during the holiday weekend. This little mini is going to be an AAQI quilt. I borrowed the idea from one of my doll quilt swappers

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