Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm Cooking with Earl!

Yeah, yeah, did I really announce April would be UFO month? Are ya'll still laughing, because I am! I'm such a short attention span quilter, that I move on to new projects when I get bored or see something shiny. I'm also still learning, so I consider it part of the education. Still it would be nice to finish stuff! I worked on a new house mini quilt and used a gnome block for a mini quilt for a friend.

I have been cooking up a storm. The "Earl" reference is from a co-worker who pronounced oil as Earl. I always thought of a guy named Earl helping her get through her design projects. She was our resident cartographer and made beautiful maps and was always "cooking with Earl."

My husband's techs had training last week and he catered much of the grub. Welcome to 2011. Remember those big corporate budgets with "real" caterers? Yep, those big budgets are gone. At least for the company my husband works for. We had a busy week making olive cheese bread, cupcakes, grilling brats. Not to mention all the other things I felt the need to cook for the family. Like breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. This family likes food. Or maybe it's me.

Tomato, prosciutto, spinach, scallion, blue cheese quiche

Red onion, butternut squash tart
I've made two Key Lime pies (college boy ate the first one himself and is working on the second); a killer tomato-butternut squash soup with curry (I had to eat all this myself); stuffed mushrooms with chorizo; spinach salad with bacon and eggs; squash, red onion and goat cheese tart. This morning I was in a quiche mood.

And just in case I get sick of cooking, my husband was given these MRE's. Yummy! College boy's friends are making cracks about an apocalypse and/or zombie uprising. We're going to open one and check it out. Does our family know how to have fun or what?!


  1. oooh all that food looks soooo good and yummy. hee hee hee prepared for zombie apocolypse - love it!

  2. DELISH!! What a good wife you are!! I wish I could just get in the habit of cooking more often for my own family!


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