Thursday, April 14, 2011

Look Up at the Sky Day

Whipped me up a little laptop sleeve the other day for my "new" laptop. Actually, since it's a couple months old, it's probably my obsolete/outdated laptop. I bought this One-Yard Wonders book a while ago and it has some really cute projects in it. 101 of them to be exact. One down, 100 to go. What a great way to deplete the stash of 100 yards of fabric!

The 12" x 12" challenge quilt is finished. It's ready to go to my partner. I'm eager to see what quilt arrives on my doorstep. There's so much talent in that 15 Minutes Play group. I'll show you when I get it.

I felt like some paper piecing yesterday. I think I'll make these 4" blocks into a little AAQI donation quilt.

These red and white stacked blocks are for our guild. They didn't quite turn out the exact size needed because I can't master a scant quarter inch. I did learn my quarter inch foot sews an exact quarter inch. Exact, baby, which is good to know! I might be able to fudge here and there to get these 10" tall.

Here are some cute Easter projects if you need to avoid taxes, housework, exercise or laundry. Happy Look Up at the Sky Day everyone! Tomorrow is Rubber Eraser Day, so plan accordingly. ;)


  1. Ooooh - I love the laptop sleeve!!! That's the first thing I did when I got a new mini laptop last year - I found a colorful case. Polka dotted, even! Of course, I didn't MAKE one. No, I'm not that good.

  2. Thank you for the visit to my bolg....!!!! And thank you for the beautiful quilt that you made whit our blocks....
    J don't speak very well english but j'm very happy to knew new quilters of all the world.
    Happy quilting and a big kiss!! from Italy!!!

  3. Just met you through Betty crocker ass (????). Very inspiring and fun.


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