Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

The elves aren't the only ones busy making toys. I spent some time making a glove bunny from this tutorial featured on the Martha Stewart show. These adorable toys are the creation of by Miyako Kanamori, author of Sock and Glove.

I snagged several pairs of gloves on the clearance rack at Target. It was so cold last year, the kids wore a couple of pairs of them, but I did find two pairs that escaped teenager grasp. It's not easy to find gloves in Florida. I still have an orange pair leftover, so a dog might be next.

If you're looking for some neato patterns for softies, this link has several options. I plan on using the bunny for The Toy Society's World Wide Christmas Drop.

The felt owl was an experiment. He's only four inches. Maybe a pincushion? My daughter has a thing for owls, so maybe I'll use him as a stocking stuffer. She'll probably like him better than the neti pot I got her. I know, I know, mother of the year. I'm hoping it will help with her allergies. It should provide entertainment at the very least.

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  1. I would love to see more members in your stuffed animal world.
    Today's topic reminded me of making some sock monkeys with my DD's old tights, so that they could have long arms and legs with FUNNY SMELL....LOL



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