Friday, December 10, 2010

Nativity Goodness

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Oh yum. I could totally pull this off with ingredients found in my kitchen. And this actually looks like my oven. I did a double take thinking my kids had been playing with food without me. Note the charred ash in the bottom. I always forget to wipe out the ash after I self clean the oven. Funny that the ash caught my eye before the Lil' Smokie Jesus. Sure wish there was a cooked version of this masterpiece. Please pass the mustard.

My produce market is still producing wonderful fruits and veggies. The bunch of dill I bought was huge! I've been "dilling" everything. I made this simple pasta dish with the peppers, parsley and dill on meatless night. It was really good and so quick and easy. I braised the fresh kale for a side dish.

And made another loaf of homemade bread to go along with pasta and kale. This loaf was super easy. Water, yeast, salt and flour. Let rise twice. The darker bits are spices I threw in the dough. I always forget they burn. The bread was delicious though. The kids have been eating paninis out of it all week. My husband gave me a Griddler for an early Christmas present. My improvisational pressed sandwich set-up (bricks on dinner plates) must have finally got to him. So much for ingenuity.

I found a nice use for some flannel fabrics I had. I made two wheelchair lap robes for our guild's nursing home visit next week. They're very cozy. It's been so stinkin' cold here, I should have made one for my office. It's supposed to warm up this weekend and then get even colder next week. I might have to move to the Bahamas. Or at least buy some warm duds.

Look what else I found buried in my linen closet. I added embroidery and rick rack to this old huck cloth towel a long, long time ago. I really need to clean my linen closet. No telling what treasures or potential rags are in there!

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