Friday, December 3, 2010

Time for Mug Rugs

There hasn't been a lot of time or ideas for larger quilts, but I have been playing with Mug Rugs. Keeps me out of the malls!

I did get a little more interested in Bonnie's Mystery Quilt today when she started making fun string blocks, but I'm still sitting on the fence on that one. I need to check to see if I have have enough scrap stash to make that huge 87" X 102" monster. Anyone else tackling that mystery?

I fell in love with this Linden baby quilt on Flickr. Isn't it wonderful? I was too chicken to try the curved piecing, but maybe I'll get braver on the the second leaf. I'm not sure how the stem works, but maybe it will come to me.

This pouch pattern is fun and easy.


  1. I'm collecting all the info on Bonnie's mystery. I just can't start another project until after the holidays.....but I love what I've seen so far and I like the idea that it's BIG... I'll use it on the bed instead of just looking at it, like so many of my projects.
    I may not have enough scraps (can't imagine that) but if I don't, there is always a trip to the quilt shop..;)
    Love you mug rugs.

  2. I love your mug rugs. I think I'm addicted to making them. You gave me some wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  3. i love that leaf too! It makes sense to me that you would sew half of the leaf to the background using the scary curve, then the straight stem then the other half of the leaf. What do your think?


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