Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More Little Projects

Isn't this little owl pendant adorable? It's made from a Scrabble tile. Paisley Monday makes all kind of fun pendants by up-cycling Scrabble tiles, dominoes, bottle caps, etc. My daughter and I enjoy playing Scrabble and owls are her thing since she hit one the first time she was able to drive at night. It wasn't funny at the time, but the baby owl did survive. Hubby moved it from the road and . I think mama owl was teaching her babes to fly that night and we were teaching our babe to drive that night. The day after the incident I found an owl softie and planted it in her room. Our family likes to plant odd things. We're a lively bunch.

To go along with the pendant, I made a messenger bag and a matching pouch from some adorable owl fabric my Secret Quilt Angel sent me. It was hard to chop, but I did it!

This is a super easy chicken pincushion I had to try. Cute, huh?
 Uh oh, these little guys are kind of addictive. I better get back to holiday preparations.

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