Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tie One On!

I've had these Anna Maria Horner cotton voile fabrics for a while. They're so soft and a bit sheer. I loved these scarves that Twin Fibers whipped up last January, but never got around to making them. You know how the "list" grows and grows for quilters and crafters.

I decided to chop into one of the voiles and craft a simple scarf. The contrasting ends are regular quilting weight cotton (Anna Maria Horner again) which gives them a nice drape.

My buddy Rene' made a gorgeous scarf with a soft corduroy backing. I adore the fabrics she used for the front too. I was able to see it in person on Sew Day, it's very elegant and stylish. So of course I had to try some corduroy backing and some patchwork. I'm not sure about this one, but it was fun to make. The black corduroy side has machine embroidery of roses and I tried to matchy-matchy that too much. Should have just shut my eyes as usual when choosing the fabrics.

I also loves these Echino fabric scarves by Spotted Stone. There's no shortage of inspiration out there! I might make another scarf out the fabrics below. The darker purple is a lightweight silk dupioni that changes color in the light. And I just remembered I have some sturdier dupionis that might be fun to use for another scarf. Gotta find those.

It looks like I don't have scarf making out of my system quite yet. Hopefully you've been inspired too!

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  1. Gorgeous scarves Michele! Can't wait to see the ones you make out of the purple silk. They'll come in handy with this cold weather we are having.


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