Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Toy Society Christmas

If you haven't heard of The Toy Society, it's a fun organization that started as a small street art project by an Australian crafter named Bianca in 2008 and has spread around the world. The Society encourages crafters of all skill levels to make a handmade toy and leave it as a gift for a lucky recipient to find. The drops and finds are documented on their blog. These "Random Acts of Craft" are fun for everyone.

The Toy Society is having their third annual World Wide Christmas Drop the last weekend before Christmas (December 17-19). If you'd like to play along, sign up to get more information.

I've done three drops, but the recipients have never recorded their finds. Maybe I'll get lucky this holiday season. Now what to make? Any ideas (i.e., easy tutorials) you can share?

Drop #457 -- Hubert the Sock Dog
Hubert at High School
Drop #458 -- Square Bear
Square Bear at Chik-fil-A
Drop #1208 -- Matryoshka Doll
Here she is chilling at the library. Really. It's freezing there!


  1. Make Liam a square bear! OMG that is adorable!!!!

  2. I belong as well... just don't seem to find the time but I think I need to change my priorities and make the time.

  3. I love your square bear. he's adorable. Where did you get the pattern? I'd love to make some to donate through my quilt guild.


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