Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yeah, We're Bad.

Target had their Halloween costumes 90% off. 90% off! Man, I wish Macy's or the fabric shops would have 90% off! You could buy disposable clothing or screw up your quilt big time and not feel bad about humming it in the trash.

Lou and I picked up a couple of dog costumes for under $2 at our trip to Tar-jay. A yellow submarine costume went to her friend Kaley's dog, who is a Lab puppy. And I use the term puppy loosely. The puppy is huge and is tall enough to reach things on my kitchen counters. We forgot to snap a picture of Hades/Chase, but he was rockin' the submarine costume. He's like a bull in a china shop in my house. Until I start cooking. Then he's my sous chef and looking for handouts.

Bones was not so lucky. Look at the mounted moose head costume we got him. He's so excited! Has those evil green eyes going! Poor Bones. We trimmed his nails and checked for worms after the costume fitting. I'm kidding. The silly dachshund ate chicken piccata on fine china afterward. He may be a bit spoiled, but I draw the line at picking out the capers from his dish.


  1. Hilariously cute! The green eyes sure make the costume...not to mention the expression on his face!!!

  2. Wow. Poor dog. Poor, poor dog.


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