Monday, November 8, 2010

Quilting is Exercise

Do you follow the Stash Manicure blog? The hilarious and talented Nan is guest blogging over there today. She's talking about how quilting is exercise. How cool is that? I may need to exercise quilt more as my husband brought home a beautiful pecan pie over the weekend. That thing keeps calling my name and it's getting snarkier every day. Being a Southern girl, ya'll must know pecan pie is my favorite. Unfortunately, pie is not on my diet.

I may or may not have mug rug fever out of my system. There's something soothing about sitting down with a pile of scraps and ending up with a finished piece a bit later.

Finally sewed my rows together for this Kaffe Fassett jelly roll quilt.
And I made a quilt back. Making backs is not my favorite activity. I don't know why the math throws me off, but I usually mess something up. I made three quilt backs yesterday, so my brain is tired today. Actually, by the third back I was getting the hang of it. I have three quilts ready to go to Eagle Mountain Quilting.
There were two extra blocks leftover and I thought they would be perfect sewn into a white strip to make up the main fabric deficit. Nope, too skinny. So I had to add some more batik strips. Maybe my problem with backings is poor planning.


  1. oh boy - you've been busy! love the fabrics and especially the jelly roll quilt! you deserve some pie! :)

  2. Gee Michele - I didn't know there was meant to be maths involved in quilt back (teehee). I usually just piece until it all fits!!!!! Love the quilts, and your mug rug is just gorgeous. Ciao

  3. Love the Kaffe Fassett quilt!!! No wonder my next one I'm planning reminded you of it! Great minds...

    Who plans out quilt backs? I have had to pick 2 up from the quilter to add fabric, because I thought they were big enough and they were not. How's that for stupid?


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