Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Our dinner was wonderful and we're getting through those leftovers. I even splurged and had a piece of pecan pie. Oh my. It's an ugly pie, but it's so good. At least I didn't eat it for breakfast like some people in my family. I stuck with dressing and green bean casserole for breakfast, thank you very much. What? That's practically health food!

My three quilts came back from Eagle Mountain Quilting Saturday. She's so fast. They look great and I actually put the binding on one of them. I didn't have to dust it off this time! One down, seven left to bind. I am such a binding procrastinator.
Here's the pieced back with the two leftover blocks. The quilting is kind of hard to see, but I really like the square boxes quilting design.

I'm headed back to the Cyber Monday sales. Eddie Bauer has 30% off everything but clearance (I didn't need those boots anyway) and free shipping. Connecting Threads has all their fabric collections/samplers 50% off. I won't tell you what I needed there. Actually, it was thread, but some of those samplers jumped into my shopping cart.

I stayed away from the mall Black Friday, but my daughter talked me into going Saturday. It wasn't too bad, but I didn't find one gift. I'm doing better online. I do miss the people watching. Have fun everyone!


  1. Love your quilt. I'm a fairly new follower, so I hadn't seen it before. You make great quilts... is the creative breakfast a regular thing? Maybe I need to try something like that... brush up my creative side.
    <3 terri

  2. Oh My GOSH! We did the same quilt! Your colors are amazing! I love a pieced back!


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