Saturday, November 6, 2010

Whole Lotta Fun!

This little log cabin mug rug has some of my favorite colors. I really like making these mug rugs. They're the perfect project to fit in between stuff.

We were gifted patriotic string scraps at our monthly guild meeting. We're all making string blocks to put together into a charity quilt.
And here are my two string blocks. Tearing the paper off is the worst part of string blocks. Ick. I used some onion skin paper that is ancient. Does anyone remember that stuff? It's really thin and I thought it would be perfect. Not so much. It's pretty durable stuff. Cheap printer paper is much better. And I just remembered that I have some foundation piecing paper. Doh!

This is a little pieces of my heart block for a fellow quilter who could use some of that quilter's goodness we all know and love. Karen at the Selvage Blog shares more than great selvage projects on her blog. Thank you Karen for spreading the word. I hope Myra is bombarded with happy heart blocks and well wishes.

Speaking of selvages, I made a little ornament and pincushion while avoiding work.

This little mini is for a swap partner who likes homespuns. I hope she likes wild ones. I had to throw in some selvages too.
Lots and lots of fun being had around here! I hope you're having fun too.


  1. Love the mug rug and mini! I have a bunch of selvages but never think to use them randomly like that - great idea.

  2. Some really cute stuff. I love the tree ornament. :) I have been wanting to do something with selvages and this would be perfect.

  3. Thank you so much for the gorgeous heart Michele. I also hope Myra is bombarded with them so that there are many moments when her mind is taken off what's ahead. You have a beautiful heart inside. Thank you.

  4. cute ornament selvage ideas!!! yes, I need to make some!


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