Thursday, July 1, 2010


I finally got around to reading these. They're okay, but I wasn't hooked. Maybe the hype did it. I do want to see the movies now. The eye candy alone will probably be worth it! ; ) I did see Kristen Stewart on Regis and Kelly this week. What is her deal? She seemed a Maybe she stayed up too late for the premiere of Eclipse. Grandpa Munster is still my favorite vampire!

This has been my quilting pace this week. Work hasn't been that busy, but I find other ways to stay in trouble. Mostly feeding teenagers. Can I claim these kids on my taxes? I'm kidding. I'd rather they all hang out here, but it does get loud and they kill me in Scrabble. Little smarties. I did start quilting on my DQS9 quilt and I hope to start another mini today.

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