Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fun Weekend!

More butterflies...

Quilting and sewing makes me happy. Love to buy beautiful fabric. This fabric sort of sums it up doesn't it?

Or how about these? Love those Norman Rockwell kids. Someone tell to quit sending me coupons. Boogers.

 Polka love. I really like the rough polka dots.

Tufted Tweets. My mom had a sofa like this in orange. Actually it was orange and green woven floral brocade. Scary, huh? Or groovy maybe?

I saw a darling paper pieced hedgehog in the doll quilt swap photos. That led me to the pattern site and I had time to whip out the little gnome. You can find the fun and patterns here. I have to try that hedgehog next.

Back to Monday tomorrow. More sewing hopefully! Hope everyone is having fun and being good.

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