Monday, July 5, 2010

Block Party

Did everyone in the US have a nice holiday? It was rainy and overcast here, but we still ate our way through the weekend and managed to find some fun activities. The kids went downtown to see the fireworks display and the rain held out long enough for the big show. Our neighborhood had its own show. They were shooting stuff off all around me and on the lake.

One of our dinner guests decided to take a swim. He completely ignored the "No Diving" signs. Kidding, our pool is deep and perfect for diving. Besides, labrador puppies don't read. They do love water though. And tossing 8 pound dachshunds into the air. Bones was not impressed.
Meet Hades, my daughter's friend's monster puppy. He spent the night. I hope he goes home soon. Bones hopes so too. He's five months old and weighs 50 lbs. Very energetic. Very. He likes me best because I'm the cook.

Stumbled upon these criss-cross blocks, thanks to I'm a Ginger Monkey. You can find the block pattern right here., but it's basically half-square triangles cleverly put together. I always have a hard time seeing additional designs in quilt patterns, but I did spot the star in the center when I downloaded the photo. I wonder why I can't see those alternate designs? I don't think I'm color blind, but I may be design blind. Not a good thing for a designer!

The Selvage Blog is another one of my favorite inspirational blogs. These asterisk blocks they're doing as a quilt along. They're kind of tedious, but very easy. They only finish at 6", so it would take a gob of these to make a quilt. With my attention span, I'm thinking doll quilt.

What in the world is this? I found it at an estate sale and the cotton fabric intrigued me. I think it's an old feedsack. I have the thing over the back of my desk chair. It has an odd shape and there is a small (3.25") circular opening at the top. Is it a cover of some sort? Lamp shade? Funky toaster? Hot water bottle?


  1. Cute puppy. I like your quilt blocks. The cover is a bit big to be a tea cozy?

  2. I think the cover looks like something you'd put over a bulky piece of clothing (like a coat) before storing it in a closet.

  3. Yes, it's meant to go over a coat hanger, as shoulder protection for silkier fabrics, or a coat or something that is stored seasonally...i.e. dust cover. My grandma had several. Odd, yes, but great fabric!

  4. What a great post. So many interesting topics. Like the fireworks we saw on the fourth. So much to see all at once.

    Very cool fabric in that jacket dustcover thingy. Never saw one of those. Nice though.

    Love your asterisks. Cute puppy too.


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