Friday, April 23, 2010

Progress on Some Fronts

I had big plans to do big and thorough spring cleaning this spring. Unfortunately, my workload is not cooperating. I did get a chance to put some books away and get rid of a few. I probably need to get rid of a few more wouldn't you say? It does look much better. I should have taken a before shot. At least they're off my desk and put away. Let me know if you want to borrow anything!

I also had some goof off time this morning to work on my Conehead portrait. I'm not a Conehead anymore! Check out that polka dot 'do. I wish my real hair looked like that. If you want to see some other quilt portraits, check Bumble Beans Portraits.
Back to work for me! I hope you have a fun weekend. It's supposed to be pretty here.


  1. Michele, I like the additions to your "conehead". Looks great!

  2. hi Michele - I like your self-portrait - and loved your comments about Earth Day!


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