Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's Never All Black and White

Finally put the black and white flying geese together. Meh...Maybe I'll add some turquoise or red borders to jazz it up. I figured out I did the the geese backward. The white "arrows" were supposed to be the black and white prints. I will get some much-needed practice quilting this flimsy.

I may have been going through a black and white stage. I think it's over. I'm dreaming of colorful houses today. I joined a swap and need to make six wonky house blocks. Poor me, huh? I love making those blocks!
I made a crinkle ribbon toy to decorate a baby gift. I found a neat tutorial that uses a candy wrapper for the inside.

I've received two beautiful quilts this week! The batik quilt was made by I'm Just A Guy Who Quilts. It's my first "guy" quilt. Isn't it beautiful? The second quilt is from a gal from the Quilting Board. I host a monthly doll quilt swap and am constantly amazed at the creativity these quilters have. I'm ready for Easter now!

The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative is starting their April auction today. This is a great organization that accepts miniature quilt donations and organizes the sales. The profits are sent directly to Alzheimer's research. Take a look around their site if you'd like to help.

Have a wonderful Easter! I hope the Easter Bunny brings me Martha's new encyclopedia of sewing and fabric crafts.


  1. Wow so many great pictures today!!! I love your black and white flying geese. I would not have known they are backwards ;-) It amazes me when you show your minis next to a nickel! That batik "guy" quilt is stunning!!!!! I need to check out his blog. Love the Easter one too. Enjoy your Easter holidays!

  2. Wow the black and white looks amazing on this quilt and I think a red border could be great!

  3. You and I share more than a first name...we think alike. I just sent off a quilt to AAQI with the name " It's More Than Black and White" a play on words as my quiltlet had almost no black and white! Love your free have a wonderful flair with fabric!

  4. Great Flying Geese quilt, I like how you used the prints for the corners actually, gives it a more scrappy look!! Thanks for the great idea on the crinkle baby toy, I am totally going to make a few of those!!



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