Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh Come On!

Believe it or not, this is not my first snake sighting of the season. If you don't already know, I am a snake magnet. Always have been. The stories are legend. I've stepped on so many snakes and seen even more during my lifetime. Granted, I was born and raised in Florida (lots of snakes here), but I believe I've encountered serpents a little more than the average Joe. And I HATE snakes! Even on vacation in Tennessee, I stumbled upon a mess of tiny copperheads as I was climbing down a river bank.

This "little" sucker was out on my pool deck this afternoon. I went out to take pictures in the sunlight. Needless to say, the balance of the pictures were shot from the safety of my home. And I really shouldn't be so cocky, there was once a snake inside the house! Hmmph! It's just a harmless black snake, and I hear they keep away the "bad" snakes, but still. And as my son explained it to me when he was little, "mom they'll still bite you, but you won't die." Super.

So I finished these two little minis. The one with the apples has been washed and is all crinkly. I think the other one will look better washed. I'm starting to really love that look of washed quilts.

And guess what? I won something! Linda from All Stitched Up had a 500th post giveaway. I'm so excited to receive one of her beautiful creations. It almost makes dealing with snakes a little more tolerable.


  1. I hate snakes too and I swear I see them every summer. I have a guest black snake that gets bigger each summer and likes to make an appearance. I too would take the photo from inside. Great Minis, they are so cute

  2. I'm not too familiar with the snakes in this country, but we had loads of snakes where we lived in Aussie, and all were poisonous. Your parcel left today, so you should have it in a few days time.

  3. Michele, watch out for those snakes. Both of your completed minis rock!

  4. Great minis!

    I heard horrid tales of snakes when we were planning a move to TN, but I've only seen them on the roads so far. Rattlesnakes in SD are a whole different matter:(

  5. Don't like snakes either but I did like the ramble through your posts.

  6. I Like snakes (the harmless variety). Wish I were a magnet instead of you...I rarely see them.


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