Sunday, April 18, 2010

Perseverance and Fred

My quilting buddy Rene' blogged about a fun quilt along involving hexagons. It seemed easy enough. And fun! I've had a jelly roll of  "Snippets" by American Jane that has been collecting dust, so off I go on step one. Maybe I should have paid attention to the "a bit above beginner level" comment in the instructions.

Everything was going along swimmingly until I started piecing my pie pieces together into halves. They weren't halves. Turns out the ruler I thought was equilateral was not. Oopsie. It only took me about 10 blocks and 80 cut pie pieces to figure it out! Aaargh! I love those projects that turn into learning sessions!

Things I learned: The ruler below is NOT equilateral and now has a fancy label reminding me. Here's the sad part, I've tried these hexagons once before using this ruler. It didn't work then and still doesn't! It all came back to me. What the heck is this ruler good for? Scraping ice off your windshield? Slicing snakes in half?
Needless to say, I spent a considerable amount of time un-sewing and then trimming my triangles into equilateral triangles. Live and learn, baby! Hope I notice that label next time I need 60 degree triangles. Just goes to show you that fancy rulers are overrated!
I don't think I have enough blocks yet, but I sewed what we were supposed to in step one. I'll see what the next step brings. I'm very proud of myself for not tossing everything in to the trash yesterday!

In other weekend news, my husband cut all the shrubs around the house yesterday and remarked that he didn't see "my buddy." My buddy is the black snake that hangs around our house. Or on the pool deck. Or in the garage. I've named him Fred. Today I walk out to let the dog pee and lookie what I see...
Looks like "my" snake has shed his skin. It measured 44" long and there was another piece that was about six inches long. Yuck, he's over four foot long and growing. I may never go outside again. Hubby showed me where Fred hangs out normally when he isn't trying to give me a heart attack.
And just so you know, I live in a suburban neighborhood, not the woods. We have sidewalks and everything! The mayor lives across the street! LOL! Oh well, snake magnet me is going to celebrate by making pot roast and drinking the leftover wine. Hope your weekend went a little smoother than mine!


  1. Chele, there is our tradition that putting the snake skin in your purse turns out to be an incantaion for raising money here.


  2. Michele, you are waaaay ahead of me on the hexagon quilt a long. I took my new handy dandy ruler and strips to Sew Day but didn't get a chance to start. Good for you for keeping at it after your ruler issues. Your blocks look great. I am hoping to start working on mine tomorrow.

    Keep your eye out for Fred.

  3. Here's a link of patterns you can use this tool for.


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