Thursday, December 13, 2012


Bones all bundled up. It got a little cooler today. 61 degrees. And no sunshine. Brrr. I drove home from my dad's house last night in a terrible rainstorm and spotted a deer on the side of the highway. He looked like he was going to run toward the road. Then I started to panic about hitting a deer whilst traveling 70 MPH. I hate driving at night, in storms, and with possible wildlife jumping in your path.

I picked up this old wooden ski from my dad's house yesterday. It was my mom's slalom ski. I wonder if I should give it back to her for Christmas? I was going to hawk it on eBay until I found out it was my mom's. She was quite the water skier back in the day. She'll probably tell me to put it in the trash. It's really neat though.

Cold pizza for breakfast every day this week. That's what I get for ordering a large topped with spinach, bacon and tomatoes. No one else wanted any. I loved it. I want another.

Slug on the pool deck this morning. Yuck. He was a big one.

Used my Jo-Ann coupon to score one of these doughnut pans. I've been seeing a lot of baked doughnut recipes around blogland. These Apple Cider doughnuts especially caught my eye. And these pumpkin ones. Here they are glazed in chocolate. Or how about these doughnut muffins? I smell doughnuts in my near future.


  1. I'm major into the baked donut thing now. Thanks for the links. I have made pumpkin and spiced chai and have a recipe on the counter for Red Velvet. Happy baking.

  2. You know I posted about donuts some last month. We made some maple cinnamon ones that were good and maybe one or 2 other kinds. THey're fun because it doesn't make many so you can quickly move on to making something different. ;)

  3. I saw this posting on Weiner Cookies and thought of you. You can add it to your holiday baking list!


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