Monday, December 3, 2012

Eek, It's December!

Step two of the Easy Street mystery. There are all kinds of participants playing along. It's fun to see what fabrics everyone uses. I'm still kind of bummed mine isn't scrappier and I would have loved to use my collection of black and white prints like most of the quilters did. But I shall press on. Excuse the pun.

Here are my pieces/parts so far. The next step won't be posted until Friday so I have a whole week to work on other projects. Yay! I might even catch up on laundry. Oh who am I kidding?

Should I save the little dog ears from the flying geese? Ha! No. These are trash.

Or perhaps they could be used in a quilt for this little guy. I found him in the Lego box. We're getting a new bed delivered today. Apparently after eight years a mattress gets "disgustingly filled with skin cells and dust mite fecal matter." How's that for a marketing gimmick? Ever hear of a mattress cover? Exfoliating?

Our mattress is 20 years old and replaced Inspector Gadget's waterbed. Yes, he was quite the bachelor. I refused to go through my second pregnancy in a waterbed (you can't get out), so we bought a real bed (and real bedroom furniture) before Hollywood was born.

My mom gifted us a new bed for Christmas, so we picked one out yesterday. Like getting rid of that silly waterbed, someone wasn't real thrilled about getting a new bed. I'm just happy to get rid of 600 pounds of dust mite poo. Heck, I might even vacuum under the bed to celebrate. Ha!

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  1. Michele, you're so funny! And I needed a good laugh today, being Monday and I'm at work already (not on the clock yet, mind you :-) Love your Easy Street Units! I have some catching up to do, already! Haven't linked up yet either. Oh, well. I'm very thankful I have a job, but full time? eh!

  2. Happy new bed! Enjoying the mystery journey with you~

  3. Cracked me up about the bed, you have quite the sense of humor. Loving Bonnie's mystery too. Have a great Christmas.

  4. would have loved to use your black and white collection... does that mean you have such a collection but refuse to use it here or that you don't actually have one? My husband had a futon - my how I hated that thing.

  5. I keep all my tiny scraps and threads to stuff a dog pillow. The dog pillow has yet to be made, mainly because I don't have the fabric for it yet, but I have a huge bag full of tiny scraps, tiny pieces of batting, trimmings, and other sundry soft quilting related thing saved up.

  6. You always make me laugh!

  7. Hey Michele! I love the fabrics you are using for Easy Street. I'm about half through with my Geese for my grandson and have the geese for my quilt cut and ready to sew. Yep, doing two at one time! I love your description of getting out of the waterbed pregnant. I went through that twice! I sure wish I was still in Orlando so that we could get together. Maybe when I'm in town babysitting the Grand-dog after Christmas we can get together!

  8. Ha, I was pregnant with my first on a waterbed. Hub used to bounce on his side so I was catapulted out LOL. It was so funny trying to get out of the thing, and we went to a 'proper' bed after that. Your Easy Street is looking lovely.

  9. Lovin' your fabrics...can't wait to see how it turns out!


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