Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Go Win Something

I forgot to mention the Sew, Mama, Sew! big giveaway. It's the whole reason I got into blogging. I've even won a few giveaways. The best part is finding new blogs to read. There are some talented people out there. Go forth and win something! That laundry can wait.

Bones, the angry dachshund was not handling Monday very well. He perked up when the mailman and UPS guy showed up. And by perked up, I mean barked his full head off. Even a half an hour after they left. My kids are big online shoppers, so it should be an interesting holiday season for Mr. Bones.

I spent a lot of my spare time yesterday reading new blogs and entering giveaways, but I did sneak in some time to make our guild's block of the month (BOM). January is my month to pick a block, so I need to figure that out today. If you know of any fun modern quilt blocks, let me know.

Congratulations to Prince William and Duchess Kate! I hope the poor girl's morning sickness goes away quickly. I will continue my anglophile ways and crush on those Royals. Obviously I'm not the only one.

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