Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Stash #49

I love eggplant. Always have, always will. I ate it a lot growing up. Usually stewed like ratatouille. If the thought of stewed veggies doesn't float your boat, consider this baked recipe, which is out of this world. My version shown above. It's a meal in itself if you add some cheese and crusty bread.

Occasionally, someone in my family would get a hankering for fried eggplant, and slabs of eggplant would be dipped in egg wash, pressed into bread crumbs and pan fried. Delicious. And it usually never made it to eggplant Parmesan, although that is pretty good too. Ever had an eggplant Parmesan sub? Oh. my.

I decided to try this baked version with cheese and tomato. It did not disappoint and was so simple to make. In the past few years, my throat itches after eating eggplant. I guess I've developed a mild allergy or something. This time, my ears and hands started itching as well. Bummer. Oh well, until my throat closes, I'll still eat it. That's what benadryl is for. Ha! Hopefully I'll grow out of this new found eggplant allergy as quick as it came on.

I'm always intrigued by scrap bags or random fat quarter assortments. It's like a fabric surprise when they arrive. I thought this collection of 12 fat quarters had some really fun ones.

I chose these last seven prints. There are too many good sales out there. I can't help myself. I need to sew faster or ditch the day job.

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  1. That eggplant looks amazing. I may have to try that.

    Love all the fabric choices ~ especially the one with the little grey blobby things. Too cute!


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