Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Ate My Way Through The Weekend

Instead of a big Easter dinner, we made ham and cheese sandwiches and served some simple sides. I am craving au gratin potatoes now, but this menu was much easier. I plan on making a ham and potato casserole later in the week just to freak the children out.

This fresh bean salsa was a favorite. I added a seeded, chopped jalapeno for a little zing. We ate it like a bean salad, but it would be great with tortilla chips. A meal in itself really.

I tried these Buffalo-style deviled eggs too. A nice change up from traditional deviled eggs. I put the celery seed inside the filling and dusted them with paprika. I think a crunchy celery slice would make a nice garnish too.

The ham was spiral cut and I glazed it with a bourbon, brown sugar, apricot preserves, orange juice, and dijon mustard glaze. All that drippy glaze sunk right in. The ham was only 11 pounds, but it yielded so much meat and a meaty bone. I froze a lot of it, but we'll be eating ham all week long. Someone get me a water pill.

I used some of the ham glaze for these cheese and scallion stuffed jalapenos too. The jalapenos came from our plant and get quite mild when baked.

Leftover bagels are sliced and baked with olive oil and spices. I like these with hummus. Or just plain. I pick out the spicy ones and eat those first.

Spinach, caper, tomato and pancetta flatbread. This was dinner Saturday night with salad. Flatbreads are all the rage aren't they? Almost every restaurant has a version. These were even good cold, but I prefer cold pizza. I've never been a big pizza fan, but I enjoy it cold. I'm odd.

I saw somewhere if you put scallion root ends in water you can grow more scallions.

Inspector Gadget is working his way through his pineapple upside down cupcakes. Not sure why my kids won't eat these. They're more red velvet cake kids. Now what else can I cook? I need a bigger family.


  1. Can I come live at your house? Everything looks so good and tasty!

  2. Did you know you can also put a clove of raw garlic in dirt and it will grow more garlic? Just found that out, give it a try, I am.

  3. making me hungry all over again...and we still have lots of ham too! was wondering why my shoes fit tight!

  4. I put green onion roots in water and they did grow new ones, but I learned they do better if they're a little longer and standing upright...The ones I grew ended up getting slimy and I got grossed out and tossed them. Maybe I'll try again... :)

  5. And I put lemon grass in water than transplanted to the ground. Makes a forest, watch out!

    I am making that bean salad.


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