Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the Thirteenth

Happy Friday! Check out this eeewww-worthy quilt that Pinkadot Quilts found. You can't say quilters aren't creative or resourceful.

I whipped up some lentil soup using this Carraba's copycat recipe. It was delicious. I didn't add the zucchini for fear I would scare the natives. And I only used a 10 oz. package of sausage, but doubled everything else except for the cans of tomatoes. The nutritional information for the original recipe was freaking me out. You'd think lentil soup would be healthy and low-cal. Hopefully my version was healthier. It's getting harder and harder to maintain my girlish figure. Frying buttermilk-soaked, breaded okra probably isn't helping either.

I dug out a few old handkerchiefs to list on eBay. This calorie counting version is really cute. It says bon Bons are dangerous. Good thing I don't eat bon bons. I'm sure I make up for the bon bon deficit with everything else I stuff in my mouth. I wish food wasn't so fun.


  1. That band-aid quilt was so eeew!

  2. OMG! Used bandaids??? I can't stand to even see one from a family member! So GROSS!

  3. The soup looks awesome. My Mom made me Chicken Noodle Soup this week while I was sick. It was a treat indeed.


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