Sunday, March 7, 2010

Baby Needs New Shoes

I always get so distracted reading blogs. Luckily my friend Kathy's daughter is having a baby. It's giving me all kinds of excuses to avoid housework and make silly stuff! To make the baby shoes, go here. I got a little turned around and meant for the sole to be the lining, but oh well. I know what to do next time! And it's me, not the tutorial. I just don't normally sew "stuff." I made the little businessman onesie from inspiration all over the web. I couldn't find an actual pattern for the tie, so I had to eyeball it. I modified it after the fact, but I ran out of onesies. I'm thinking of making a pocket protector version next. Nerd baby.

I also finished my final Pay It Forward gift. Not exactly my usual style, but these fabrics were part of an ex-quilter's collection. Can you imagine being an ex-quilter?! For my Pay It Forward gift I was lucky to receive a beautiful piece made by my art professor V at Bumble Beans. I hope my recipients enjoy their little pieces as much as I enjoy V's.

Here's a neat blog with awesome photography of children and Kenya. I've sometimes wondered about those organizations that sponsor children. Like whether the children ever benefited. Apparently they do! Having my faith in mankind renewed is just what I need when I obsess over horrid things that happen in the world.


  1. Those little piggies are cute as a button:)

  2. Michele, those are great projects. Love the the onesie with the tie. I like your idea of doing one with a pocket protector. How great to be on the receiving end of V's Pay it Forward. I really admire the one you created as well.


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