Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

I finished a little doll size quilt for a swap. The fabrics were from a honey bun of something. I have the worst time remembering fabric collections! Soiree, maybe? Yes, Lila Tueller! All I need is a label on the back and to see if a wash will settle down the quilting.
I finished the top of my Waverunner at our guild's Sew Day. Just had a chance to press it today. I may try to quilt this one myself. V's quilting is what I'd love to do, but that is probably beyond my ability. At least the blocks are off the dining room table. A formal Easter dinner may be possible now. Yeah, right!
Playing around with batik scraps. This mini is only 10" x 10". I was trying to do a mini each day starting Monday, but I've only made two. It's just too pretty to sit inside once the work is done! I did just see a snake, so now I'm in for a while. Stupid snakes. That was one good thing about the cold weather. Have I ever told you what a snake magnet I am? It's bad, I tell ya!

My baby turns 16 tomorrow. How the heck did that happen? Stay off the roads, she wants to get her driver's license after school. Oh my. I'll be stocking up on hair color!


  1. Speaking of snakes...I had a 5th grader get on the bus (I'm a school bus driver) this morning with a playdough snake. It was totally fake, but at first glance I about crapped my pants. It defiantly got my heart racing. I can not stand matter what kind they are.

  2. Love your Wordy Wednesday!! Happy birthday to your daughter. Good luck on the driver's license test. You can so do the circle quilting on your waverunner! Love that look. Also like the straight line quilting on your doll swap. Your minis are too fun. I played around with some batik scraps today. Might have to make them into some minis!

  3. Those are just beautiful! I love the non-traditional designs...gorgeous!

  4. Your Waverunner is Marvelous!!! I hand quilted concentric circles on a quilt of mine post dated 12-31-09...I'm glad everyone liked my circle quilting design....I have seen several popping up in blogland!!
    I loved all your wordy wednesday projects...your doll swap quilt is w-a-y cute too!!


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