Saturday, March 13, 2010

Black and White

Playing with black and white geese. I love that crossword puzzle print! Someone gave me a scrap of it. I have so much black and white fabric. I really love black and white prints. The funkier, the better!
My friend Yumi sends me these Cheeza crackers from Japan. They come in the best flavors! Brie, bleu cheese, cheddar. My favorite is the brie. And what better to eat with the crackers? Brie cheese! And we wonder why Americans are fat! LOL! I find it hilarious that the bag of crackers has a zip lock closure. Yeah, like I couldn't eat two bags of these things in one sitting!
And speaking of calories, we're eating here tonight. Yum! I've been frequenting this joint since I was two years old. It's so good! Now to narrow down what I want to eat. Bon appetit, ya'll!

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  1. Michele, love your flying geese. Those black and white prints are fabulous. The shop hop I just visited gave out blocks that are all black and white. I wasn't too crazy about then but am rethinking it after seeing your gorgeous blocks!


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