Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Friday!

I hope everyone is having a fun and creative week! I attended my first quilting guild meeting Wednesday. What a fun group of very creative and talented modern quilters. I'm going to learn bunches! Thanks Rene' for spearheading the guild and getting everyone together. We have our first Sew Day on March 20, which is National Quilting Day. It will be my first sew day too. Lots of firsts for me this month!
Work has slowed a little, so I had some time to quilt and play. I made this little mini from some scraps someone gave me and from a "tea" tea towel my friend Yumi in Japan sent me. It was really hard to cut the tea towel for the front applique! I was able to use more of the towel for the backing.
The winner of my very first sponsored giveaway received her pans this week. Woo hoo! She loves them! They're really a great deal if you need some new pans. Thank you CSN Stores for providing such a great giveaway.

I hope you don't mind, but I plan to recommend items from time to time. I know I don't need much encouragement when someone recommends something, so maybe you won't mind hearing my recommendations. Help keep me in fabric, folks. It's getting dicey around here! If you have ever wanted to do some funky piecing with scraps, check out the Liberated Quilting II book on my blog. Wow. It's amazing. And if you ever run across the first book at a reasonable price, buy it! You can send your kid to college if you sell it on Amazon! ;)

Continue the greatness people. And be good.

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  1. Hey Michele! So good to see you (and meet you) at the meeting! It was fun, wasn't it? Great minis you brought to show at the meeting.

    I really like the new look of your blog. I am (again) way behind in my blog reading. Talk to you soon.


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